Cost of ‘Bad’ Hire

At TSG, we eliminate the risk and negative impact of a ‘Bad’ Hire for our clients. We exceed expectations on every engagement as evidenced by TSG’s best in class performance metrics and over 99% client referral rates.


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  • Business Impacts

    Lost productivity, reduced revenue, lost innovation, customer impacts, error rates, slower time-to-market, loss of competitive advantage

  • Increased Management Time and Effort

    More management time, weak hires must be replaced, performance management and termination costs

  • Hiring Manager’s Image is Impacted

    Being branded as a ‘C’ manager, loss of your colleagues’ respect, reduced bonuses, impacts on promote ability

  • People-management and Team Impacts

    Resentment by coworkers, lost leadership and promotional opportunities, increased turnover, reduced internal transfers, opportunity costs, negative impacts on future hiring, legal issues increase, hiring costs, lost agility, longer ramp-up time, reduce learning, a loss of competitive intelligence, lower technology competence, more training required, loss of diversity, more temporaries required