Matchmaking Process vs. Placement Exercise Over 90% Retention Rate; Over 50% One or More Promotional Opportunities

At TSG, we are not only talent acquisition experts but we were successful hiring managers and prospective candidates during our prior corporate careers. This unique and invaluable perspective led us to formulate our ‘Matchmaking Process vs. Placement Exercise’ philosophy and practice which is unique and unmatched in the talent acquisition market place. Our philosophy, perspective and actions are deliberate and yield the best ‘win-win’ results and highest satisfaction among clients and candidates in the industry.

As a TSG client, the intricacies of your needs are often times difficult to express in words and must be captured through ‘experience’ and external assessment. TSG’s Immersion investment allows us to hear, see and feel the uniqueness of our client’s culture, leadership and hiring manager value system & beliefs, key experience criteria and a number of intangible insights that represent our client’s value proposition to prospective candidates.

As a TSG represented candidate, we realize that you have personal and professional objectives, priorities, limitations, conditions and potential family matters that must be evaluated, taken into account and balanced on each prospective opportunity worthy of consideration. Additionally, there are certain cultures, leadership styles and product/service areas where you will thrive and flourish.

At TSG, we ‘match’ our clients and candidates over and above an experience fit and resume review. We invite you to experience the ‘TSG Difference’ and look forward to meeting or exceeding your expectations.


“I was successfully and happily employed at the time of initial TSG Principal contact and frankly, was not very receptive to new opportunities. However, after several brief interactions with my TSG Principal, I knew that something was very different and felt compelled to get to know them and their client opportunity.

The TSG Principal genuinely cared about my career, my family priorities and their clients best interests throughout the process. As I performed additional due diligence, I was compelled to take action.

The TSG Principal took me thru the most personal and thorough vetting that I had ever experienced but it was not obtrusive or impersonal.

I must say that in my 25+ years in business, I have never had a more positive, transparent experience with an executive recruiter. There were no surprises which was a strong reflection of the company I was potentially interested in working for; I received candid and timely feedback, thorough assessment and evaluation, was challenged to conduct exhaustive due diligence, etc. The TSG Principal even talked with my spouse about relocation.

I accepted this new position, have received 2 promotions, continue to utilize TSG as a client and developed a life long friendship.”

SVP Global Commercial Operations