Movement to Lowest Total Cost

We realize expense management is a vital component in the selection process of a preferred executive search partner.
TSG guarantees “Lowest Total Cost” to our clients through process optimization, insuring top 5% talent is employed in an expedited manner and comprehensive, critical evaluation. This includes but is not limited to:

  • External recruiting fee
  • Failure to ‘Get’ profile consistently correct – Top Grading
  • Hiring manager time allocation
  • Add on, open ended recruitment expenses
  • Open position lack of performance & productivity
  • Cost of travel & logistics for interviews
  • Cost of third party administered tests
  • Cost of a ‘bad hire’ (average or under performance)
  • Cost of negotiating compensation at or below budgeted ranges
  • Failure of employee to stay with organization & assume additional scopes of responsibility
  • Failure to resign, change of heart, background checks fail at last minute