Select Representation of Clients and Candidates

At TSG, we realize that we can not or may not be the best fit to represent all clients and candidates and visa versa. A pragmatic and transparent dialogue and assessment is critical to insure that our relationship is of mutual value and benefit.


Select Client Representation – From TSG’s perspective, the first and most critical component of relationship assessment is based on mutual evaluation of; Likeability, Authenticity, Competence, Credibility, Value System, Transparent & Candid Communication and Aligned Objectives. This evaluation is critical for a successful relationship.


At TSG, we invest significant energy, time and resources to insure we can be of value to our select clients; Do we understand our prospective client’s leadership & business operating culture? Are we confident that our select candidates will thrive and be taken care of by this client? Is there timely and candid communication? Does our client really value ‘human capital’ or is it just a mission statement? Do we have the expertise and workload balance capabilities to deliver 100% at or above client expectations? Is this prospective client realistic with what they are looking for and committed to the talent acquisition process?


Select Candidate Representation – From TSG’s perspective, our objective is to evaluate and represent the Top 5% of the prospective candidate talent pool to our clients. While this evaluation is selective and time consuming, it has historically yielded the best results for our clients and candidates to insure mutual satisfaction and career sustainment.


At TSG, we treat every prospective candidate with thoughtfulness, respect and transparency. Whether we decide to represent you to our client for a particular position or not, as a member of the TSG candidate talent funnel, we will assist you in any way that we can and always treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.


“I recently entered into a search process with a TSG Principal and it was the most comprehensive evaluation that I had ever gone through. While I was not selected to proceed forward on this particular opportunity, I was treated fairly, received candid communication, wasn’t ‘led on’ in any way and knew exactly where I stood and why I wasn’t competitive for this particular opportunity.

The professionalism that the TSG Principal demonstrated to me was appreciated and I will continue to be interested in future TSG opportunities because they had a very balanced approach and treated me with dignity, respect and timely candor which isn’t common with other search firms including the top retained firms I have dealt with in the past.

Based on my experiences with TSG Principal’s, I am in process of utilizing TSG’s services as a client as well as I have referred TSG to a number of other prospective candidates.”

Prospective VP/GM Candidate