Global Expertise & Customization

Over the years based on TSG’s best in class performance, many of our global clients have expanded their scope and utilization of TSG to include various roles in EMEA, APAC and LATAM as well as North America.

  • Over the last 4 years, TSG’s International client workload has increased 10X due to the global nature of our clients businesses
  • Our clients demanding & expecting top talent in every geography they serve
  • Our clients desire to standardize best-in-class employee hiring across businesses and TSG’s expanded capability.
  • Additionally, several members of TSG’s team have International backgrounds and lived, worked or are originally from other countries than the US prior to joining TSG.


Position Title Number Location
Board Members 4 UK, Germany, Nordic
Chief Commercial Officer or SVP Global Com Op’s 2 Netherlands, France
Chief Scientific Officer 5 France, UK, Netherlands
Chief Scientific & Technology Officer 3 China, Netherlands, Germany
Area President or EVP/GM Region 10 Germany, UK, China, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Nordic, Australia
Sr. Vice President  or EVP of Corporate Development 2 Germany, Amsterdam
Vice President, Area Marketing 7 Germany, UK, Nordic, Spain
Vice President, EMEA Sales 8 France, UK, Germany, Israel, Netherlands
Vice President Regulatory and/or Quality 6 Germany, Nordic, China, Singapore, Spain
SVP or Vice President, Operations or Supply Chain/Manuf 3 Israel, Germany, Nordic
SVP, EVP or VP Research & Development 6 Germany, UK, Nordic, Israel
Vice President Market Access 8 Germany, UK, France, Italy
Vice President of Human Resources 3 Germany, France, UK
Vice President of Business Development 5 China, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Netherlands
Vice President, World Wide Field Quality 4 Spain, Germany, UK, Nordic
Area VP, Organization Effectiveness 2 Nordic, Germany

As with TSG’s N. American business, we customize every International engagement for each respective client and don’t accept every role requested Internationally; we will provide you with our direct assessment and accept roles only where we are 100% confident of success.

We are pleased to discuss your needs and determine whether we are your best option.