Our Process

TSG’s differentiated engagement process stems from one simple philosophy; The people in an organization make the difference. There are many companies with vastly superior products/services that are under performers and other companies that have average products/services who dominate their market segment; Our clients, candidates and TSG are ‘best in class’. The TSG team follows a formal engagement process with flexibility for customization by client to optimize communication, relationship development and ultimately to streamline the process from start-to-finish.

  • Immersion

    Whenever possible and prior to engagement, TSG Principals will conduct an in-person, on-site visit to physically meet with all key personnel, understand the organization’s culture & leadership, personalize interaction, evaluate facilities for proactive candidate disclosure as well as to refine the actual engagement process.

  • Interview Committee Questionnaire

    This document is developed specific to each client and/or engagement assignment and is utilized to ensure that all members of the executive team and/or interview committee are in alignment with expectations, mandatory vs. preferred criteria and desired candidate attributes for their respective search. Additionally, this allows TSG to capture relevant information that can be utilized to differentiate our client’s opportunity vs. other options that top candidates will potentially be considering or positively impact a passive, employed talent that was previously not interested in a TSG client opportunity.

  • Search Schedule

    The Search Schedule is developed initially by TSG and revised to meet our client’s desired expectations. The Search Schedule ensures that expectations, timing and key evaluation processes are in place and mutually agreed upon by both parties; establishing each specific party’s responsibilities and deliverable’s improves the engagement process, enhances client; top candidate satisfaction and ensures success.

  • Position Specifications

    The Position Specifications are comprehensively developed by TSG based on Interview Committee Questionnaire, Internal Position Specifications provided and/or Hiring Manager discussions. The draft Position Specification is approved by our client organizations to ensure that our client and their requirements are represented accurately to prospective candidates. This document also serves to highlight mandatory vs. preferred criteria, scope of responsibility, reporting structure, performance expectations and differentiate our client’s opportunity versus others that may be under evaluation.

  • Candidate Assessment

    A Candidate Assessment template captures detailed notes from numerous TSG prospective candidate interactions; interviews specific to our client’s desired candidate criteria. This ensures (a) that our clients have a document which is highly detailed, all-inclusive and specific to their stated criteria for each prospective candidate, (b) illustrates specifically why this candidate meets or exceeds our clients profile and why TSG is presenting the candidate, (c) serves as an excellent interviewing guide for our clients and (d) allows TSG to illustrate key differentiation between top candidates specific to our clients mandatory vs. preferred criteria.

  • Business Plan

    As part of our assessment process, we request that our prospective candidates prepare for TSG a comprehensive Business Plan specific to our client and the respective opportunity of interest. This document is then reviewed in detail with the candidate pre-client presentation to assess (a) the level of interest a candidate has for a position – quite frankly, many prospective candidates do not want to put in the dedicated work and effort which demonstrates that they are either not suited for or will potentially be a liability for our clients when workload becomes significant, (b) allows us to evaluate a candidate’s analytical, strategic, tactical, business acumen, creativity, written communication, cognitive abilities and presentation skills as well as overall market knowledge, (c) allows us to compare and contrast various candidates specific to our client’s mandatory criteria and (d) fosters meaningful exchange during client interview process.

  • Reference Check Summary

    This document is prepared early in the evaluation process and provided to our clients upon request for several reasons. We conduct traditional references as well as informal references to ensure we have accurate, timely and appropriate data for our clients and internal assessment process. By providing this document early in the evaluation process vs. typical provided reference checks at the end of the process, it allows for optimal use of our clients and TSG’s time and expense. Additionally, any areas of concern can be assessed or evaluated by our client and TSG during interview process.

  • Amenability of Competencies to Change Analysis

    The Amenability of Competencies to Change Analysis references core competencies in prospective candidates that can be customized to each specific client; some competencies are easy to change or impact, others more difficult and some impossible. This analysis provides our clients with a clear understanding of prospective candidate’s competencies and allows for evaluation of whether this candidate can positively impact areas of improvement with development. Additionally, TSG ensures that our clients not only hire top performers but that our clients hire ‘great people’ with similar core values to our client organization. This data is gathered through extensive interviewing, non-provided reference checks and other assessment tools utilized by TSG for client organizations.

  • Offer & Compensation Analysis

      The Offer & Compensation Analysis is a comprehensive, baseline document utilized with both our client and prospective candidates for several key reasons:

    1. Ensures alignment of compensation expectations prior to investment & expense with interview/evaluation process
    2. ‘Calibrates’ prospective candidates & clients in high or low cost-of-living areas where there are potential issues with relocation to eliminate ‘shock’ post acceptance of a position
    3. Breaks down cash flow and long-term incentives/benefits to provide overall value of prospective offer
    4. Allows TSG to trial close prospective candidates with target compensation that our clients may be offering to ensure we reach a fair, equitable negotiation for both the client and prospective candidate
    5. Details current equity position, unvested options, bonus due, etc. that often times are not accounted for during initial compensation discussions and result in potential issues upon offer negotiation
  • Resignation Process Participation

    In some cases after significant investment by clients and prospective candidates, there is trepidation or other obstacles that come up upon actual resignation by a prospective candidate. TSG fully engages with prospective candidates by providing formal guidance, example letters/communication and support throughout the resignation, counter offer and relocation process. Over the last 10+ years and with many thousands of successful placements, less than 0.5% of TSG candidates failed to resign effectively and transition to our client.

  • Post Acceptance Follow Up

    Our personal relationship and commitment to our candidate and client remains post placement. TSG has formal, documented employee and hiring manager follow up after 1st day, 1st week, 1st month and every 3 months thereafter. This TSG Practice has assisted our clients in retention and encouraged employees to have productive dialogue with any issues that may exist as they transition into our client.