Your People – Investment or Expense

EVERY Company SAYS their Employees are their Most Valued Resource but MOST don’t ACT or INVEST that way…

Honest Question: Are your Employees an Investment or Expense?

Reality Answer: If they are excellent, they are an investment; if they are average or worse, they are an expense



Hire & retain more talented, excellent employees!

Investment or Expense?

  • New Hire Failure Rates (Scary)
  • Big Upside or Downside (Flip a Coin)
  • Succession Planning (Great to Average/Bad)
  • Invest/Partner Right Now or “Pay” Later

FAST FACT – All Employees are NOT the Same

Top 10% Out Perform the Remaining 90% by Over 50% From a Business Impact, Less Management Time, Scalability for Increased Responsibility